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Avans from its very founding to this day is captivated by its founder's passion for Technology. Being engineers at their pedagogy, founders were really inspired by the thought that how can technology and innovation solve day to day problems. Their conquest at the core drove them to earn a passionate 6+ years of expertise in the Information Technology field. With an ambition to solve problems, enhance people’s life’s and deliver solutions for daily needs, Avans manifested as an outcome, a result of the nexus between passion and vision to cater society, businesses and many folds of life.



Smart Home Systems

With our new digital generation, lives are closely connected to the digital convenience and our will to control. Home automation helps to ease our lives with safety, control and time-to-time updates. Moreover, ...

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Home Theatre Systems

No matter how fashioned or digitally advanced a human life becomes, the crux of human life core needs balance feed of music experience and entertainment. Home Automation really takes the essence of sound to...

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Digital Door Locks

Homes and offices are getting transformed into technology-enabled spots in the new era. It is smart & easy to now control, access and logs incoming and outgoing through your door using Digital Door Locks where you ...

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Curtain Motors

Latest in the world of decor and blinds are curtains controlled by electric curtain motors. It is not only a smart but efficient solution crafting a flux of beautiful design with technology. These curtains are controlled by ...

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Biometric Attendance and Access Control

For an added level of organized attendance and logged security for your office premises Biometric Attendance and Access Control Systems are a very realistic solution.

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With times its evident that CCTV (closed-circuit television) system helps to monitor the interior and exterior at your place of work and residency. CCTV benefits have escalated its use as a basic inclusion in regular routine ...

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