Transforming Imagination Into Reality

When its innovation, its Avans

Avans from its very founding to this day is captivated by its founder's passion for Technology. Being engineers at their pedagogy, founders were really inspired by the thought that how can technology and innovation solve day to day problems. Their conquest at the core drove them to earn a passionate 6+ years of expertise in the Information Technology field. With an ambition to solve problems, enhance people’s life’s and deliver solutions for daily needs, Avans manifested as an outcome, a result of the nexus between passion and vision to cater society, businesses and many folds of life. Now, Avans is amongst one of the leading service providers for Home Automation Solutions and Audio-Video Systems based in Mumbai.Avans team is all set to gear up a technological revolution, explore new avenues and earn a new milestone at what Avans is all about;


Today a wide range of activities are easily taken care by intelligent devices and automation technology. Human time and efforts earlier engaged in many small chunks of tasks can be easily focused on important ones with the help of automation. Widespread adoption, easier integration, cheaper alternatives have in totality helped divide the tasks with more efficiency and accuracy. Avans Smartech understands the positive impact that today's technology can have on our day to day challenges and how to manage them with ease. Avans technology team is dedicated to explore, test and deploy easy build solutions to assist your everyday tasks.

With such advancement and latest technology based products can outperform your expectations in terms of control and monitoring. The detailed reports and other features of automation can really serve many jobs without your involvement. If you really look forward to adopting automation and delegate your day to day tasks and responsibilities with technology you can surely trust Avans Smartech for its reliable and economical solutions with active support for your everyday needs. Feel free to get in touch with us on how can we serve you with automation and technology.