Transforming Imagination Into Reality

With our new digital generation, lives are closely connected to the digital convenience and our will to control. Home automation helps to ease our lives with safety, control and time-to-time updates. Moreover, smartphones used in our everyday life helps us with ease to browsing data of our choice, similarly smartphones extend this experience further to control your Wireless Home Automation System consolidated within one screen, combined as a controller at the touch of your fingertip sets you worry-free from traditional methods of monitoring each device.

For instance, it becomes easy to access home appliances, changing air conditioning temperature or video surveillance which is a network of Home automation. Such a smarter way of controlling and monitoring your home and its electronic automation assets from a single panel of your touch makes it a perfect digital technology.

KNX Automation Wired

Firstly, KNX is a global standard for home automation and control solutions which ensures that all devices, connections, controls, and systems be it any manufacturer can work seamlessly together delivering a smooth experience to its users. That bundles up two primary benefits: allowing users to source any manufacturer hardware of their choice and from any supplier, making it easier to upscale or downscale the systems and gadgets based on requirements of the user. It helps the user to be independent and able to adjust his home automation as per choice.

Retrofit In-Switch Modules Wireless

This type of automation is very to issue to install requiring no additional wiring or switches. It can be deployed in any stage of your home, during renovation or even in ready homes. Best part of retrofit solution is your switches continue to function as they used to before automation. If you toggle the switch, same will reflect in the smartphone application immediately.

Touch Panel Modules Wireless

They are smart, elegant and feature-rich touch panels which will replace your switchboards. These touch panels can also be controlled from your mobile application.


  • Scheduled based control of devices
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Google Assist for Voice Control
  • Integrates with your existing IP cameras
  • Cost Effective
  • World Class Support and Services - Replacement in case of hardware failure in warranty period